About us

What is an Alpha Chi Omega Virtual Chapter? 

Until 2004, all Alpha Chi Omega alumnae chapters were geographical; that is, they were based in a certain location and all their activities took place locally. 

Virtual chapters share many of the same goals as geographical alumnae chapters, but they conduct their business long-distance, and primarily using the internet. Meetings are held in chat rooms, or by conference call. They set their own mission and then seek to fulfill it creatively, whether it's long-distance support of a collegiate chapter, promoting domestic violence awareness, or participating in philanthropy projects.  Virtual chapters are encouraged to think beyond the traditional construct and to create new ways to connect with sisters.
There are two types of virtual alumnae chapters:
1. Collegiate chapter based groups consist of the alumnae and friends of a particular collegiate chapter. (this is us Xi Omega Xi Virtual Alumnae chapter)
2. Affinity groups cross both geographical and collegiate-affiliation boundaries and focus on a common mission. For example, Xi Sigma Xi, the Heritage Network, promotes and preserves the heritage and history of Alpha Chi Omega. 

About Xi Omega Xi..

Xi Omega Xi is a virtual alumnae chapter of Alpha Chi Omega for Beta Eta women.  With the advances in technology, we are now capable to reunite all Alpha Chi Omega women from Florida State University regardless of current location.  Unlike your local Alpha Chi Omega alumnae chapters, we all share similar past experiences:  we were all initiated in 518 West Park Avenue; we all have Seminole pride and bleed garnet and gold; we have an emotional connection to the beautiful campus that we called home for our college experiences.  We stay connected to the current collegiate chapter of Beta Eta for communications of their successes and fun.

  • Support Beta Eta 

We do what we can to help the sisters of Beta Eta have the best possible collegiate sorority experience. Because only a few of our members live in the Tallahassee area, much of what we do is long-distance. From gifts for new members, to food during Recruitment; letters of recommendation, to senior cords for the graduation march; flowers on Founders Day to monetary support for philanthropic events; and everything in between, we hope to bridge the gap between collegiate and alumnae life, and let the collegiate women know that we care.  

Equally the women of Beta Eta have elected a sister to stay in touch with us through weekly updates on our blog, pictures from events such as Recruitment, Big Day, Big/Lil Reveal, sisterhood retreats, social fun, and philanthropy.  

  • Host Reunions  

We love to get together in real life! As great as it is to email, IM, chat, blog and stay in touch virtually, there is no substitute for seeing each other in person.  We had our 1st Annual Lucky Stars Reunion during Homecoming 2010 and plan to continue this tradition each year to welcome back the sisters from every decade back into our home.  We also look forward to Beta Eta 85th in 2014!  See the Homecoming section for more information about upcoming events.  

  • Create Connections

We use all available forms of technology to reconnect and stay in touch.  We truly depend on all Beta Etas to extend our invitation to all sisters to help us find each other and stayed connected.

Our main website has daily blog posts from members of Xi Omega Xi Virtual Alumnae Chapter and executive board members of the Beta Eta collegiate chapter.  Additionally, the blog features guest posts from the Epsilon Tau Epsilon- Tallahassee Alumnae Chapter, Beta Eta Alumnae, & potentially parents.  Topics vary widely to appeal to all decades and include collegiate chapter updates, alumnae member spotlight, 518 West Park Avenue memories, philanthropy, Greek life, interesting articles, and announcements of sisters’ life milestones.

Virtual Chapter
We host virtual “chapter meetings” to report to our members the constant work of our executive board members, event planning, and to gather feedback about current initiatives.  We always find a way to have fun and bring up memories that make us laugh.

Social Media
Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the most up-to-minute information.  We also use Yahoo Groups, by decade, to share the most relevant information with the sisters you remember best. 


The Xi Omega Xi Virtual Alumnae Chapter began as a thought and dream of several Beta Eta Alumnae during the planning of the chapters' 80th anniversary during April 2009.  The thought was that not only Beta Eta's are some of the most active alumnae in the nation; they are some of the most loyal to Florida State University; their home chapter of Beta Eta. Alumnae travel to Tallahassee for events such a Homecoming, the chapter’s annual charity golf tournament Par-Tee, and reunions.  However, during the remainder of the year, they are virtually left "in the dark" about the happenings of the collegiate chapter and fellow alumnae.

After speaking with Amy Zoldak, and members of the first virtual alumnae chapter, MTM, we knew that a virtual chapter was the right decision.  We rallied the alumnae during the 80th, filed, and officially were installed July 11th, 2010 at Alpha Chi Omega Convention in Washington DC.