Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Alex Bretz, Natalie Alexander, and Kayla Scott's Spring Break Service Trips

This past Spring Break while many of us relaxed, traveled, and spent time with sisters, Alex Bretz, Natalie Alexander, and Kayla Scott chose to spend their spring breaks giving back to those less fortunate on service trips!  Alex traveled to Cusco, Peru and Natalie and Kayla traveled to El Salvador.

Alex is a member of Medlife at FSU and throughout the year was able to raise $1,000 to go on her trip to Cusco, Peru.  This funded primary medical services as there are many in Cusco who lack access to quality health care.  For three days, she got the chance to help run the mobile clinics and shadow physicians.  In addition, Medlife also has a Healthy Homes project and Alex was able to help out with this by installing new stoves and refurbishing rooms in a community of need.  On the last day of her trip, Alex even got to visit Machu Picchu!

Natalie and Kayla traveled to El Salvador on a mission trip where they were able to share their faith and make a difference in the community.  They worked with an organization called Filters of Hope to install water filters around the community.  Around 98% of the water is contaminated so these filters will really make a positive difference in these peoples lives!  During this time they were also able to share their faith with many locals!  On the last day of the trip, they even got to hike a volcano!

We are so proud of Alex, Natalie and Kayla for spending their spring breaks helping those less fortunate and are so glad they had successful and safe trips!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Alpha Chi Omega Exceeds Goal at Dance Marathon 201

Each year many of our sisters participate in Dance Marathon at FSU, an event where dancers stand for 20 hours to raise money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals as well as the FSU College of Medicine.  There are fundraising events year round and this year FSU aimed to raise $2 million for the kids, something we had never done before.  Not only did the FSU community meet this goal, we exceeded it by raising a total of $2,152,382.19!

In addition to FSU exceeding it's largest ever fundraising goal, we also exceeded our fundraising goal as a chapter!  Our goal was to raise $50,000 and we ended up raising $50,484.54!

This year, FSU decided that it was "#Up2Us to create more miracles for the kids" and they did just that by exceeding their fundraising goal!  Special shoutout to our Dance Marathon delegate, Ale Gonzales and assistant delegate Kailie Rush for all you have done for our chapter!

A big thank you to all sisters who participated and all donors!  None of this would have been possible without you!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Successful Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi 2018!

Last night we hosted our annual event "Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi" benefiting the local Refuge House as well as the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation.  We had such a blast spending time with our sisters and the FSU community!

We are so excited to have raised awareness about this issue to the FSU community as well as over $6,000 for the victims of domestic violence!  A special thank you to our VP Philanthropy Lia Alveraz for planning the event and all of the sisters who helped make it run smoothly!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Courtney Simoncelli: Entrepreneurship Student and SmartSnax Founder

Courtney Simoncelli is a junior in the new Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship here at Florida State who has a passion for healthy eating.  She recently launched her own business called Smartsnax, which is a healthy snack box subscription service filled with a variety of yummy snacks every month free of gluten, soy dairy and GMO's!

Courtney loves that in the Entrepreneurship program, students don't just get to learn about how to effectively start and run a company, they get the hands-on experience of starting their own company as well!

While many of us try our hardest to adapt to a healthy lifestyle, Courtney also has a personal connection to healthy eating.  Due to her stage IV endometriosis, she is required to eat a very restricted non-inflammatory diet.  This is where her inspiration for SmartSnax comes from.  In her search to find delicious foods that fit her diet, she found many foods that she wanted to share with everyone, and thus SmartSnax was born!

Eating healthy in college can be hard, but SmartSnax is the perfect solution!  The snacks in each box are super tasty, easy to eat on the go, and affordable for anyone of a college budget!  For parents, this is a great way to make sure your college kid has a variety of healthy snacks every month!

To order SmartSnax, visit https://www.smartsnaxboxes.com and enter the code "TALLAHASSEE" at checkout to receive free shipping anywhere in the Tallahassee area.  SmartSnax also ships anywhere in the U.S.

Way to go Courtney, we can't wait to see your business grow!

Monday, January 29, 2018

AXO takes FTKolor!

Last week many of our sisters participated in FTKolor, an exciting fundraising event in preparation for the 40-hour long Dance Marathon in March.  For a donation, participants were given white t-shirts that they were able to decorate with over 1,000 pounds of glow in the dark paint!  If you've ever heard of the color run, it is sort of like that but without the run!           

It was a great night full of fun, friends, food and great music!  We love seeing so much passion and enthusiasm for such a great cause and can't wait for 20 hours of nonstop dancing at the marathon!  Way to go girls, FTK!