Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Alë Gonzales- Intern at TIF

Alë Gonzales is currently interning at The Immokalee Foundation (TIF), a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide better educational opportunities for the children of Immokalee, Florida. 

"The organization has three sectors; their readers program which is centered around elementary school aged children, their Take Stock in Children sector which focuses on middle/high school success, and their post-secondary program which guides students through college or a vocational pathway. I'll be working with the post-secondary sector, organizing collegiate information so that students have all the information necessary in order to decide what they would like to do after high school.

"TIF is also heavily involved in the lives of alumni and ensuring alumni success so  I will also be reaching out to alumni concerning their current status, and at times asking for testimonies so that current students are able to visualize and realize their goals. This is an amazing opportunity for me as I am a double major in International Affairs and Business Management and this will serve as a learning experience about careers in development and relief and what it will be like as I further my education."

Friday, June 24, 2016

Kathryn Hatfield- Study Abroad Experience

Kat Hatfield just returned home from studying in Valencia, Spain for the past 6 weeks!
"Studying abroad in Valencia, Spain was the best six weeks of my life. I was able to check things off my bucket list everyday and share these experiences with new people whom I now consider life long friends. I was also lucky enough to have three other ΑΧΩ sisters studying abroad with me. 
Veronica Marcos, Melissa Demarchena, Anna Morris, and Kat in Valencia, Spain.
"By the end of the six week term, I had traveled to the Palma de Mallorca & Barcelona, Spain; Split & Hvar, Croatia; Amsterdam, Holland; and Lagos, Portugal. I learned that all the cliche things people say about how traveling changes ones' perspective on life are true. I came back to the states with so much more knowledge about the world and a refreshed perspective about life."

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lauren Flannery- Intern at the Four Seasons

Lauren Flannery, our chapter President, is currently interning at the Four Seasons in Boston, Massachusetts.
"I'm working in the Food & Beverage department, rotating between positions in the restaurant and in-room dining while also shadowing some managers (the way hotels hire out of college is through a manager in training program). It's a pretty rigorous program, but a great company and some amazing people who make me look forward to going into work at weird hours and days! 

"My favorite part about it is that I'm never standing still or sitting down--there's always something to do or learn. It also doesn't hurt that Boston is such a great city with so many different cultures and traditions. Even though I didn't know a single person coming into the city, I have made some incredible connections with the people at the Four Seasons who have really taken to looking out for me while I'm here."

Monday, June 20, 2016

Kayla McNulty- Hospital Shadow

This summer, Kayla McNulty has been shadowing Dr. Goecker, Chief of Podiatry, at Sarasota Memorial Hospital!

"Every week the doctor and team of nurses work in the wound care unit of the hospital where patients come in with open wounds below the knee that the team of experts treat. I have learned so much so far because as the doctor is working on each patient, he explains to me the backstory and their treatment plan. I have seen everything from a small cut that need help closing to large open wounds that cover most of the leg. 
I have met so many people that have told me that if it wasn't for Dr. Goecker and his treatment, they would be without a leg or toes. I plan on going into Nursing, so this internship has been a great experience for me to become even more passionate about the field and confident that this is the career for me."

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chandler Cudia- Sales Summer Internship

Chandler Cudia is currently interning with Gartner, a company that sells IT research and advice based on a company's individual goals in order to make that company more efficient and profitable.

"My internship is 9 weeks long in Fort Myers, Florida, and I look forward to enhancing my sales skills through appointment setting with C-level executives and ticket sales for Gartner events. Something really cool about it is that there are 55 interns from all over the country and we all live in one apartment building together so we have already become so close. I'm really excited to learn and grow this summer alongside these amazing people!"